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Sandy Nye Moran

Sandy Nye Moran"I use the basic principles and elements of art in the beginning process of my work and then using the unexpected and intuition I develop my paintings to create beyond the expected. I am always striving to push the possibilities of watercolor and continue to grow as an artist. Believing in the creative process is something that is a gift that must be guided by individual sensibilities and skills learned through study in professional institutions, with individual artists, visiting galleries and museums and the trends of street art is also very important to me. Then do the work."
-- Sandy Nye Moran


S Nye-Moran has been an artist on and off all of her life working professionally and independently. Sandy started making her own paper dolls with crayons and newsprint and has moved in and out of the art world throughout her life studying color theory and design at Pratt, garment design FIT, and watercolor techniques with various masters of the medium.She also worked professionally as a childrenswear designer for a small 7th Ave firm.

Currently she exhibits and sells in local venues and is a member of various art organizations.

'Lagoon nebula NGC6523' by Sandy Nye Moran, Watercolor on canvas, 20 x 24 inches

Lagoon nebula NGC6523
Watercolor on canvas
20 x 24 inches

'Star Nursery NGC346' by Sandy Nye Moran, Watercolor on panel, 24 x 36 inches

Star Nursery NGC346
Watercolor on panel
24 x 36 inches

'Butterfly Nebula/NGC6302' by Sandy Nye Moran, Watercolor, 17 x 13 inches

Butterfly Nebula/NGC6302
17 x 13 inches

'Main Street Station' by Sandy Nye Moran, Watercolor under glass, 25 x 37 inches

Main Street Station
Watercolor under glass
25 x 37 inches

'This is the Day' by Sandy Nye Moran, Watercolor plein air, 3 x 5 inches

This is the Day
Watercolor plein air
3 x 5 inches

'Tulips by fountain' by Sandy Nye Moran, Watercolor under glass, 25 x 35 inches

Tulips by fountain
Watercolor under glass
25 x 35 inches


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