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Charlene Bennett Smith

"My current work is created with encaustic paint. An ancient painting medium using molten beeswax and damar resin mixed with oil paint is used to achieve its deep rich color. This medium can be very challenging. To fuze each layer of wax, a blow torch is required. This balancing act of applying just the right amount of fire to fuse the image, but not blow out your image can be difficult. The tension this creates is one of the main reasons I love this medium. Encaustic lets you build up many layers. You can embed something special in your work and place many layers of wax and oil paint over it. This enables the viewer to look deep into these pieces to see the entire story each piece tells.
I have always been an artist at heart. When I am creating my art I want to invoke a feeling or an emotion. Often when I paint, my plan is "I have no plan." I let my thoughts and emotions lead the paint." -- Charlene Bennett Smith

'Blue Water One' by Charlene Bennett Smith, Encaustic painting on Wood panel, 8x8 inches

Blue Water One
Encaustic painting on Wood panel
8x8 inches

'Fem Fem' by Charlene Bennett Smith, Mixed media collage with encaustic on wood panel, 5x7 inches

Fem Fem
Mixed media collage with encaustic on wood panel
5x7 inches

'Mine Ishka' by Charlene Bennett Smith, Acrylic painting on canvas, 48x36 inches

Mine Ishka
Acrylic painting on canvas
48x36 inches

'Pensive' by Charlene Bennett Smith, Encaustic painting on wood panel, 8x10 inches

Encaustic painting on wood panel
8x10 inches

'Lauren' by Charlene Bennett Smith, Encaustic painting with Oil stick on wood panel, 9x14 inches

Encaustic painting with Oil stick on wood panel
9x14 inches

'She Is' by Charlene Bennett Smith, Oil pastel on canvas, 48x36 inches

She Is
Oil pastel on canvas
48x36 inches


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