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Carol A. Meese

Carol Meese"Sometimes blind, always intuitive, these works are records of my response to land and sea as I walked the vastness of Iceland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Open vistas, big skies, wild nature and storms, all help to transcend and lift away from everyday care. Influenced by found detritus, the paintings are organic in nature and intuitive in approach. Sometimes storms, sometime stars, sometimes I paint, sticks and stones. Gesture holds the imprint of the hand, the rapture of the spirit. Plaster and acrylics are imprinted with found debris. Ink, chalk, graphite and oil sticks may be added. Work may be presented along with some of the found objects of their origin. Without forethought, my marks are spontaneous and sometimes seem channeled as if coming from some ancient and sacred source." -- Carol Meese

'Dailies - #1

Dailies - #1
mixed media

'Dailies - #2

Dailies - #2
mixed media

'Dailies - #3

Dailies - #3
mixed media

'Dailies - #4

Dailies - #4
mixed media

'Dailies - #5

Dailies - #5
mixed media

'Dailies - #6

Dailies - #6
mixed media

Member Spotlight Video Series

Part 3 - Carol Meese: Wind stories. In the time of Corona. 2020

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